Law Of Attraction Exercises

Law Of Attraction Exercises

Like most other things we do in life, the law of attraction benefits from practice. In the same way as you wouldn’t expect a child to instantly start walking, you shouldn’t expect the law of attraction to happen just because one day you think you ought to apply it. Here are some simple law of attraction exercises to help you on your way to manifesting things into your life.

Clear some space in your life

Nature abhors a vacuum. And clearing space in your life works much the same way. This can be physical space – tidying a room in your house or apartment for instance – or it can be using a technique such as meditation or yoga to help clear some space in your mind. Gradually this empty space will be replenished with things you are aiming to attract.

Go into detail with your desires

As a general rule, the more detailed your description the better.

Just saying that you want a new car is a lot less worthwhile than describing that car in detail. The make, the model, the color, that kind of thing. Once you’ve reached this level of detail, take yourself for a trip in the car. Either by way of a test drive or, if that’s not easy, then by vividly imagining a journey in the car. The same goes for anything else you’re trying to attract into your life – the more vivid the detail, the better. If you can get yourself to the state where your mind believes it’s happening, it will work with you to make the dream a reality.

Be present

It’s easy to reminisce about the past or dream about the future. But you are here. Now. The more “present” you can make yourself, the better. Living in the here and now will heighten the pleasant sensations you can experience.

In turn, this will positively affect how things are manifested into your life with the law of attraction.

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