The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

“Picture what you want, want what you picture!”


“Anything will happen with faith and belief!”


In this post you will learn about a concept for motivation that some of you might have heard of. It is called the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that is you bring thought into your mind about what you want and if your believe that it will happen to you then it will come.

Many successful people imagined themselves as being successful as a child or as they were going through difficult times before they became successful. They all believed in the secret of the Law of Attraction. They thought about what they could become and what they wanted and they kept believing, practicing and thinking about their dream and their passion and it eventually came to them.

The magic of the Law of Attraction works as a big picture of what you want to come to you! If you keep thinking about it and keep your desire burning then you will move closer and you will eventually be attracted closer and closer to it.

Through the process of attraction it is important to keep up optimism and be positive along the way in your process of being attracted to all of the positive things that you want in your life.

If you think negative then you will attract only negative into your life.

People who are healthy have a healthy mind and eat, sleep and breathe health. Unhealthy people think that they are unhealthy and they will only get worse because they are always attracting unhealthy thoughts and an unhealthy lifestyle into their lives.

Another example is if you are in debt and all you think about is bills all the time then you will attract more and more bills.

The positive person will think of being debt free and suddenly less and less bills will appear for example.

Successful people think wealth and fame and make the smart choices in order to justify their attraction to wealth or fame. Unsuccessful people worry about debt, poor choices and potential situations that can lead to trouble and it ends up happening to them because they think about it and they always attract it into their lives.

Many successful people had dilemmas before they saw their success. When they were in their dilemmas they thought about getting out of their situations and thought about what they could do to be successful with a positive attitude and their lives transformed to it and they attracted their success into their lives.

Your mindset will determine where your life will end up and if you attract the positive things into your mind then you will correct your problems and the success and lifestyle that you always dreamed of will be attracted closer to you according to the law of attraction.

Think Positive, Be Positive! That’s the law of positive attraction.

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